M-Screen 1x2

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Performance Sunscreens
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M-Screen 1x2 is a high-quality solar protection fabric with a 1x2 basket weave construction and wide colour range. Made from a coated Enduris fibreglass yarn and woven to maintain perfect view-through ability, M-Screen blocks approximately 95% of UV rays, making it ideal for harsh Australian climate conditions.

For more information or a copy of any of the accreditations, please email customerservice@bricos.com.au.  Note: image courtesy of Blinds by Peter Meyer.

Technical Information
Internal Sunscreen
1x2 basket weave
36% Fibreglass / 64% PVC
250cm & 310cm in all colours. 200cm in selected colours.
White 0202
White Lotus 0221
White Stone 0222
White Linen 0220
Linen Stone 2022
Pearl Linen 0720
Pearl Sable 0710
Charcoal Sable 3010
Charcoal Cocoa 3061
White Pearl 0207
Pearl 0707
Charcoal Linen 3020
Charcoal Lotus 3021
Charcoal Pearl-Grey M178
Charcoal Grey 3001
Charcoal 3030