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Net Series, also known as Screen Optic, is a 2x2 basket weave SunShadow® sunscreen fabric offered in 13 colour choices. With its 10-year fabric warranty and a 5% openness factor, this fire retardant screen provides UV protection without compromising view-through.

  • Internal SunShadow Sunscreen
  • 5% Openness
  • 2x2 basket weave
  • 13 colours
  • 250cm & 300cm roll widths

RR Series, a 2x1 basket weave SunShadow sunscreen fabric also known as Screen Trend, is offered in 15 colours. Due to its finer basket weave, this two-toned fabric has a more subtle look compared to the SunShadow Net Series fabric, while the 3% openness factor provides excellent UV protection.

  • Internal SunShadow Sunscreen
  • 3% Openness
  • 2x1 basket weave
  • 15 colours
  • 250cm & 300cm roll widths