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  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 x
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Net Series, also known as Screen Optic, is a 2x2 basket weave SunShadow® sunscreen fabric offered in 13 colour choices. With its 10-year fabric warranty and a 5% openness factor, this fire retardant screen provides UV protection without compromising view-through.

  • Internal SunShadow Sunscreen
  • 5% Openness
  • 2x2 basket weave
  • 13 colours
  • 250cm & 300cm roll widths

RR Series, a 2x1 basket weave SunShadow sunscreen fabric also known as Screen Trend, is offered in 15 colours. Due to its finer basket weave, this two-toned fabric has a more subtle look compared to the SunShadow Net Series fabric, while the 3% openness factor provides excellent UV protection.

  • Internal SunShadow Sunscreen
  • 3% Openness
  • 2x1 basket weave
  • 15 colours
  • 250cm & 300cm roll widths

DL-Screen, offering a choice of 15 unique colours developed specifically for the Australian market, provides a luxurious finish in a traditional 5% openness 2x2 basket weave. 

  • Internal Performance Sunscreen
  • 5% Openness
  • 2x2 basket weave
  • 15 unique, designer colours
  • 300cm roll width (250cm on indent)
Palau, a light-weight linen-textured range of Cachet® fabrics, offers matching translucent, blockout blind opacities enabling colour and texture coordination throughout an entire home across Roller, Roman, and Panel Glide applications.
The range of translucent and blockout blind colours coordinate with the latest interior colour trends.
  • Internal Cachet fabric
  • Translucent, Blockout & Blockout Curtain
  • Linen textured fabric
  • The only Mermet curtain fabric
  • Up to 7 colours
  • 280cm roll width

Lintex is an exclusive, linen-textured fabric and the only Mermet Cachet® fabric offered in a transparent opacity, providing excellent view-through.  Alternatively, for a textured fabric with even clearer view-through, consider Clovelly sheer fabric, also part of the Cachet collection.

  • Internal Cachet fabric
  • Transparent & Blockout
  • Exclusive linen textured fabric
  • Colour matched blockout coating
  • 5 colours
  • 300cm roll width